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Welcome to Colin Anthony Photography.



I am a professional photographer, working out of London UK

I specialise in people and travel. If you look through the folios you'll get the idea of the kind of work I do.

I also retouch to a high standard, &, I own a web development company called Cooltide Interactive Ltd

This site is where I'll be publishing both my personal and professional photographic work. You can contact me here.

You can buy usage of lots of my images on
Feel free to grab a cup of coffee and browse the folios by clicking on any of the folio titles below. Some folios, like beauty, have sub-sections with individual folios...

Other Colins...

There is another photographer in the UK named Colin Anthony. No relation as far as I know? He is a wedding photographer and works out of Stockport.

If you are looking for that Colin you can find him here or, if you are looking for Colin Anthony the big band singer, you can find him here.