Welcome to my website. This is where I publish both my professional & personal work. These are some of my favourite images of the moment, and from the past. There are lots of changes and the the site continually develops.
If you see an image you would like to use for your project, commercial or personal, you can buy a licence from my library that is exclusively on Alamy.
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I've been doing for this for quite a while now. I started taking pictures in 1976 and I haven't stopped.

I studied sculpture and ceramics at the Camberwell School for Arts and Crafts and "fell" in to photography as soon as I entered the world of work. I spent a few years, in the late 1970s, working as a photo printer, negger, and duper in various "colour Labs" in Central London, where I met many London photographers. I decided to jump ship, stop printing and become a photographer's assistant.

I've worked across many genres, initially as a freelance assistant, for over twenty five London photographers, and then, as an independent, freelance photographer.

Working my way across three decades, I have witnessed and experienced the rise of digital photography, and, it's impact on all aspects of imaging.

Times have changed and so have I.

There's much less hair these days, and lots more experience.

copyright: Gary Sandy circa 1978

I only undertake projects that interest and excite me, and the team with which I work. If you would like to discuss a project that you have in mind, please contact me using the form on the contact page.



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