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Why do we do this?

This is a way that the website can earn money, through advertising, by providing information and links to products and services sold on websites, including Amazon websites.

You may see quality advertisements from many brands and advertisers. We also place links on reviews and recommendations pages and blog posts

It's our policy to make these ads and links relevant, and useful to our users, and appropriate to the site subject and content.
(you may see ads and links for products and services within the photographic and computing, web design and hosting, as well as many other allied and associated business sectors)

How does it work?

When a user clicks on an ad or a link on the site the advertiser tracks a code. This code (known a cookie) identifies that we referred the user to them.
If you purchase a product from them we may earn a commission on that purchase.

The product costs, to you, do not change, in fact, we often have affiliate deals from retailers that could save the user money.

These links may take the form of banners, text links and image links.
They may appear in the page header and footer, as well as the body content of the website, on both the web pages and the blog posts.

All reviews and recommendations and blog posts are marked with the hashtags #ad #affiliatelinks #earncommission and have a full declaration that states:
"declaration: this blog post contains links that are ads - they may appear in the body of the post as text and image links. as an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. more info". This declaration is positioned above the page fold and does not require you to scroll to see it. This helps us to conform to consumer legislation around the world, and may be required if we use the content on social media sites.


It is our intention to make sure that all the banner ads are clearly defined from the content that we provide, and/or marked as ads if required.

We always make our best efforts to link and promote quality products and services from major brands, these are very often products we use ourselves.


The site also displays Google Adsense advertisements. These are context sensitive, and in some case may even display advertisements for our competitors. Whilst we are not in control of the advertisers display, we have instructed Google to display advertisements that may be of interest to our core user group.

In addition to affiliate advertisements, the site also has an online kit shop. This is a page with kit that we recommend. We provide direct links to the products from various retailers and brands. Once again, If you purchase a product we may earn a commission on that purchase. Technically this works in exactly the same way as the affiliate links. It is just presented in a different way.

We also have an online print & merchandise page. This is run in partnership with Order A Print. They fulfil all of the online orders for prints of my and merchandise that use my images.

We appreciate your support for, and your interest in, our services and information provided.

If you have any further questions about this, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


* We reserve the right to add and remove our affiliations without further notice.

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