Alison – Art Nudes – for a Social Media Age


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Here are three versions of the same image of Alison.
Alison - Full Nude

Alison - Full Nude

Alison - Half Shadow

Alison - Half Shadow

Alison - Full Shadow

Alison - Full Shadow

I have been overwhelmed with requests to see more images of Alison. Thank you.
It seems that many of you feel her elegant form and natural grace makes for a beautiful image. I agree with you all.

I have added high resolution files below.

I hope you enjoy viewing the image(s).

Please feel free to leave your comments below the images.


Alison - Full Shadow

Alison - Full Shadow

Alison - Half Shadow

Alison - Half Shadow

Alison - Full Nude

Alison - Full Nude

WARNING - Photographer’s rant about Social Media (definitely optional 😉)

The art nude genre has been in existence since the dawn of the figurative art. It was present at the birth of painting, as it was when photography became a reality. It can be followed through the ages, though the renaissance through to modern art. They even let me study figurative sculpture at Art College!

Apparently, this glorious history of studying the human form (in my case mostly the female form) has now been put on hold by some techy teenagers in Menlo Park.

I’m not sure that I concur?

I’m the first in line to discuss protecting our children from inappropriate images. I will be the last to leave this line, and I will be prodding the platform to actively enforce this.

However, Facebook’s lack of simple solutions seems like a blanket sedative over its own eco-system.
Take Facebook Groups: I can’t post this image, in case a youngster sees it. A simple solution is not to let youngsters join photography groups. There are myriad groups that our children can join. Photo groups that may display art nudes are not one of them.

This feeds in to Facebook’s lack of responsibility when it comes to anonymity.
This shit isn’t rocket science.
When we join Facebook we should Identify ourselves with a credit/debit card. Then they know who we all are, and that we are 18. The API for the banks would work internationally allowing FB Groups to select membership as 18+. When we sign up they check if we added the CC/Debit card and they know we can join.
End of problem with trolling and a massive improvement in protecting youngsters online.

Final Note: Whilst I am passionate about allowing for freedom of expression, my priority has always been the protection of our children, wherever they are on our planet.

If you would like to see more images of Alison  you can view them in her folio here

The password for the folio is: passcap

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