The lovely Alison – Softly Exscinded

The lovely Alison - a 2023 retouch with a 60s feel for 21st a century social media ~ v1.1 ~ June 6 2024
Alison Softly Exscinded

Alison - Softly Exscinded

Editing for a social media world

A new take on a lovely image of Alison
Alison and I shot this about a thousand years ago. We worked together afterwards on a video shoot for Theo Fennell that you can see here.

I kinda like this treatment of the image.
I have tried to imply that I am using the old "Vasaline on the filter" trick that many photographers used to great effect back in the day. In fact, I believe that Gered Mankowitz used it on the Rolling Stones album cover for Between the buttons.


Social Media has forced me to edit it using this method to maintain "community standards"... Well, OK, I guess?

If you would like to see more images of Alison, including an unexscinded version of this image you can view them in Alison's Premium Content Folio here


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