Autumn Colours in London


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Hidden Isabella, Richmond Park

London nevers ceases to amaze me.

I shot this bucolic autumn view in Richmond Park, South West London. The park is 800 metres from our house in Kingston upon Thames.
For those of you who are not familiar with the park, there is a plantation in the centre named "The Isabella". This name appears on maps as early as 1771.

In 2019 the Isabella is mostly famous for its Azaleas and Acer collection, and they are be-au-ti-ful.
Jo and I prefer to go there during the crisp, sublime autumn mornings.

At this time in the morning it is almost empty, accepting a few contemplative souls, and a couple of barking mad photographers (that's us!).
We tend to wander "off piste", in an attempt to find memorable views, and discover areas that we've not encountered before. The image below is one of them.

All you can hear is the babbling brook, accented by birdsong, along with an occasional gentle breeze, rustling through the trees... This is because the Isabella is situated in a natural valley, less than a kilometre from the A3 trunk road to the south coast of England.

Remember, this is London... and including the car parking... a visit to the Isabella is free.

Where's everyone else?

You can see further images of Richmond Park here.

I hope you enjoy viewing the image - Colin

Hidden Isabella - Richmond Park

Autumn Colours in the hidden Isabella - Richmond Park

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