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The Azaleas in the Isabella – Richmond Park

The Azaleas in the Isabella were glorious for all to see. For those of you not in the UK, we have been subject to a very strict COVID19 lockdown and the whole season was lost during 2020, but in 2021 we were able to visit The Isabella once again to see this wonderful annual spectacle. If you are lucky enough to live in London my advice is to visit the Isabella when you can.

The Beautiful Secret Places within Richmond Park

Finding the secret places to walk in Richmond Park is a rare pleasure… Richmond Park is vast.
Given that it is located in south west London, Richmond Park is constantly amazing to me.
As a photographer I can find images of calm within walking distance of my house and London, one of the largest cities in the world.

Looks like Spring

Spring is now here, and with lockdown, here in the UK, finally coming to an end I can get back to shooting some beautiful images.

Harry laying down on the job…

This is a new take on a shot of Harry I took a while back now. We are nearly out of lockdown here in the UK, but we still have a few of weeks to go…

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“Trash the Dress!”

“Trash the Dress!”

I’ve been looking back at some of my favourite shoots and came across this Caribbean wedding session with James & Catherine Devlin. It was part of a nine day trip to Mustique in the Grenadine Islands, WI, for a resort that caters for luxury weddings as part of their service.

Marianne – 6.6% Proof

Marianne – 6.6% Proof

Here’s a lovely shot of Marianne that I took a little while back for a large biotech client. I knew it was going to be an interesting shoot, as, during the recce for the shoot, the client and I spotted the atrium with the light pendants.

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