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Cody re-imagined

Cody re-imagined

Cody re-imagined – Why complicate a simple shot?

This is the second in a series of re-imagined beauty images of Cody Cataluffi from 2019

This is shot directly in the afternoon sun. You can see that the sun is top right, from the side, slightly behind the model. There is a half gold reflector, filling the shadows from the left. It’s set parallel to the model, so that it doesn’t “uplight” her.

Colin, do I need a VPN?

Colin, do I need a VPN?

Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not after you…

Just recently, more than a few people have been asking me about VPNs…

I have gathered some information here in one review post to help you understand what a VPN is, and if you need one

(Spoiler Alert: Everyone needs one!)

I am minimising my social media footprint

I am minimising my social media footprint

I am minimising my social media footprint – getting the monkey off my back…

So, I’ve started a blog… So what?

I want to try to put down some thoughts and ideas that may help others. I won’t be calling it a blog. I will uses the term “Articles”.
I have now been shooting for a while and have picked up some valuable experience along with lots of tips and tricks. Those of you that know me, know that I may have an opinion or two, on the subject of photography 😉

Why am I minimising my social media footprint?

Well, social media platforms are great. In principle, they allow creatives and content makers to share information quickly and effectively, however, they are fraught with many small issues, that when grouped together become a “really big Issue”.
They can impose “community standards” that are frankly ludicrous, and they can impose penalties and bans with impunity.
On balance, I think it’s better for me to have a smaller audience who are actively engaged, rather than to take a broad, scatter gun approach to ideas and discussions that are judged by anonymous administrators.

I will promote this website and my articles using social media, but the content will remain on a platform that I control.

Feel free to comment and engage. I will be moderating the comments, but I will not edit or amend any comments that are negative, as long as they are in good faith, and contribute to the subject at hand.

Note: Inflammatory or abusive language will not be tolerated, and your comments will simply not appear.

Welcome to my new Blog/Vlog

Welcome to my new Blog/Vlog

Welcome to my new Blog/Vlog – from this point blogs become Articles… Ready, Steady, Go!

Updated: 05.07.2021

So, this is where I’ll post all of my comms from this point. I will reference this blog on Social media. It will be full of info, tips and reviews, and also stuff and nonsense. You can sign up and become a member of the blog. BY doing this you’ll have access to some advanced features.

Update: Well, a lot has happened since the launch, including a global pandemic.

I really hope that you, your families and friends have faired well during this difficult period for the whole world.

I’ve been locked away recreating this new website, as well as hoing my retouching skills.

In fact what you are viewing is the second iteration of the site as it was converted to a different platform over the first 6 months of 2021.

I am slowly adding the historic information…
A lrage preporotion of my career is pre digital so there’s still lots to do.

If you enjoy the image do come back as I will be reviewing and adding more as I time allows.
In spite of the good news that Lockodwn will finally end in the UK soon and the fact that I’m “double Jabbed” I’m baning on restrictions carrying on for quite a few months yet. So I must get on…

Busy, busy, busy.

I hope you like the new blog format (Articles) – Colin