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Clairey 6 Advert for - clairey6 AKA Cody Cataluffi is making it happen on Twitch

Fantastic to see Cody Cataluffi, a mate of mine, doing really well over on Twitch. She is super talented and has great taste in club bangers! She now has over a 1700 followers. Go Claire!
She has been on a journey over the last couple of years cutting her way through both her modelling and DJing careers, on her way to becoming a superstar DJ.

The image below is the latest Advert for her regular slot on The advert uses our image from the Studio Garden Sessions.

If you like Trance go check out her set

I hope you like both the music and the image - Colin

Clairey 6 Advert for

Clairey 6 Advert for using our image from the Garden Studio Sessions

clairey6 twitch screen grab - desktop-mobile

Screen Grabs from Twitch - Listen to clairey 6 on

and here's the shot that Claire and I shot that was used for the advert...

After the shoot is done - Cody Cataluffi with coffee

Cody Cataluffi wearing Theo Fennell - the Studio Garden Sessions

You can see lots more images of Cody in her folios on the site here.
Keen fans of Cody will know there are other images of her scattered around the folios

I hope you enjoy searching for them - Colin

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