Cropping Cody


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Sublime image quality, with creamy skin tones

I've lost the plot. It's been a while since they've let me me out. And, even longer since I have shot a single image worth a mention. So I thought I'd go back and look at a shoot with Cody.

Cody- Cataluffi-Nude-Tight-Crop

Cody - Fashion Nude

The shot above is the final crop. It took me around 2 hours and 30 mins to decide upon the it.

I used every guide that Adobe Photoshop CC2021 avails me, whilst using the crop tool. I used the thirds tool, I used the Golden Spiral tool, I referenced Bert Stern's "The Last Sitting", I cropped her back out, and rotated the image to add purpose to the pose. I did the old "rotate the images 180 degrees" and crop trick I learned at art college. I considered the image as a whole, abstracting myself from the image and asking what the story is?... What am I trying to say? "What does the viewer see?" "What do I want the viewer to see?"

In the end I WhatsApped Cody and asked her... She prefers the shot above... so I went with that... If you can't trust the model to know what looks good what's the point?

I hope you enjoy viewing the image - Colin

FYI: Below is the the alternate crop and the whole frame.

Cody Cataluffi - Nude-Crop

Cody Cataluffi Nude - Alternate Crop

Cody Cataluffi Nude-Full

Cody Cataluffi Nude - Full Frame

Photography: Colin Anthony
Model: Cody
Make Up: Viktoria Kohl
Assistant: Alasdair Sandy

What do you think tighter or wider? Leave a comment below...

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