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Dolly Beach at sunset

by | 16 September, 2019 | News, Professional Work | 0 comments

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Sunsets on Mustique are intense, with calm colours warmimg towards the horizon

Mustique has many wonderful beaches. Dolly Beach has always been the bridesmaid and never the bride. It rarely gets a look in.

Earlier in the year we lucky enough to be on Mustique. On this particular evening Jo and I were walking along Dolly Beach, as the sun was setting, and captured this calm view of an almost cloudless still, evening.

It’s amazing what some under exposure and a hand held polarising filter can do.

And, if you are wondering if it’s really that beautiful on Mustique? I can reliably tell you that it really is…

You can see more images of the Caribbean here

I hope you enjoy viewing the image – Colin

Intense Sunset - Dolly Beach - Mustique

Dolly Beach Sunset – Mustique

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