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Cody – Art Nude – Folio

These images of Cody Cataluffi are from a beauty shoot that we did for Cody’s book. She was undertaking some lingerie work and needed some implied nudes fo her book.
As usual Cody makes it look easy.

Earlier Articles are listed below…

Chris – Folio

Chris – Folio

A studio shoot with Chris in London, United Kingdom. The folio was crated from a brief supplied by the client. They wanted a “man about town” look to the shots, with an undertone of mystery.

After we had achieved the goal the shoot took a turn and we had some fun, producing some lovely shots of a very natural model.

Photography: Colin Anthony Photography – London
Model: Chris Exner

MUA: Viktoria Kohl Make Up
Studio: The Studio Photo Gallery (Seamless Studios) in Bermondsey, Central London, UK 

Lockdown Walk – Folio

Lockdown Walk – Folio

Just before the second Lockdown here in the UK Jo and I went on a walk around Richmond Park. We realised how difficult it had been for some people to take exercise in beautiful places and that we were so lucky to live near the Richmond Park.

So, we set off snapping as we went, with the intention of posting a lovely image every day. This Article is the sum total of all of those individual daily articles.

Mixed – Portraits – Folio

Trash the Dress – Folio

This wonderful shoot was undertaken as part of a large project on Mustique. In fact the bride and groom have been married for some time, and they work as professional models. 
Look out for more images of this shoot coming soon.
I am going to undertake a review of it as it is part of one of the largest photographic projects I have ever steered.

Venice – Folio

Venice – Folio

About the folio Venice is fascinating. Our trip was just to view the architecture and take in the views. We only had the weekend so we decided to view it from the outside and not to visit any museums or churches. We agreed we'd do that on a return journey. The...

Interiors – Folio

Interiors – Folio

About the folio I am working hard to expand this folio. Most of my interiors are pre digital and as such need scanning... Come back soon! I hope you enjoy vieing the folio - C#ad #affiliatelinks #earncommission - as an Amazon...

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