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The River Taw on Dartmoor, Devon, as it passes through Sticklepath

After 17 months of strict lockdown here in the UK I have finally ventured out on a trip to Devon. I was mainly walking the beacons and Dartmoor itself, blowing away the many cobwebs that have gathered in my head, but I decided to snatch some images whilst walking. The weather was changeable but interesting.

I hope you enjoy viewing the images - Colin

You can see more image from the Devon trip in the folio by clicking here

Waterfall on River Taw Sticklepath Dartmoor Devon

Waterfall on River Taw, Sticklepath - Dartmoor - Devon

Trees by the River Taw on Dartmoor, Devon, at Sticklepath

You can see more image from the Devon trip in the folio by clicking here

Trees at Sticklepath Dartmoor Devon

Trees at Sticklepath - Dartmoor - Devon

Walker on Cosdon Hill, above South Zeal, Dartmoor, Devon.

You can see more image from the Devon trip in the folio by clicking here

Walker on Cosdon Hill - above South Zeal Dartmoor Devon

Walker on Cosdon Hill - above South Zeal - Dartmoor - Devon

Pixel Peepers' Notes & Newbie Hints & Tips:
All images in this Article were shot on my Sony A7R Mark III / Sony FE 16-35mm f2.8 G Master Lens

This is the first time that I have taken the kit on a long walk 10km+.

I have to say that the promise of a full frame mirrorless system weighing less than my old DSLR kit is somewhat exagerated.

I was carrying a Sony A7R Mark III, fitted with a Sony Grip/Battery Pack as it was a long day, a long walk and a steep ascent for an old geezer like me. I was also carrying my Sony FE 70-200mm GMaster Lens in my backpack. Remember, I was actually walking as opposed to shooting, but thought I'd take the kit for fun. Cosdon Beacon is 550m high and in places it is "almost" a scramble. The guidebooks say it's "easy to moderate" 😁.

For you newbies that want a light weight kit the current GM lenses from Sony are not that. I hear that the Mark II versions of these lenses maybe lighter? Can anyone verify this? Leave a comment below...

I also find that there is a Catch 22 with this kit. With 42mp I am looking for, and expect, a very high quality RAW file, but I find myself compromised when shooting at 100 ISO. It must be similar or worse with an A7R Mark IV and even an A1? The shutter speed on the river shot was hovering around 1/60 to 1/80 second and with the extreme 16mm I find hard to get the shot really still. I know people will say this should not be a problem, but if one is looking for ultimate quality, it is. Therefore, a tripod is a must, if you want your hit rate to be high with shady shots.

I'm quite happy with the images, as I shot them on the hoof, but if I was shooting professionally I'd have felt the need to slow down the water and blur the walker, and once again, a tripod would be a must.

If you have any comments feel free to leave them below. You may have an image that you shot under similar circumstances. You can upload them below...

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