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A premium content folio contains images within the Art Nude, Nude, Implied Nude Genres, or content that is not for consumption by minors.

These folios allow us to proudly display our images without restriction.
Facebook and other social media companies have a responsibility to protect minors and other cultural sensivities, and we respect that, hence, we host these images on our own servers, where we control access.

All of the images are of professional models.

The premium images have a beauty, glamour or boudoir aesthetic, and are intended as art pieces, or professional nude/lingerie/boudoir shots, or beauty portraits.

The user registration and credit card/PayPal paywall on this page means that all users with access to the folios are adults, and at least 18.

You'll be pleased to know that the funds from this section all go toward creating further shoots. It helps the CAP team undertake more work to display here. The payment is a "one off" payment that gives access for 1 year. It is not a subscription and it does not auto repeat

Caveat Emptor: There are no "explicit" images in any of these folios , or, indeed on this website.

If you are looking for "explicit" images this is not for you.

Cody - Lingerie | Art Nude | Boudoir £15.00

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In this folio Cody has beautiful red hair. We planned to produce some lovely images that really show her beauty, figure and form.
Included in this folio are some art nudes and implied nudes that we cannot show on social media.
Regular Facebook followers may see images that they have seen on Facebook, however they are in an unedited and uncropped form, as shot, and as Cody and I intended. We have also included a few  of the Facebook shots as they are display without the horrible facebook compression.

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I hope you enjoy viewing the images in this folio - Colin

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More Folios Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Professional Photography - Retouching - Web Design - Consultancy
More Folios Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Professional Photography - Retouching - Web Design - Consultancy