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Rutting Season - Richmond Park

This chap was not happy about us approaching.

I've since read up about Red Deer to find out that they are in fact Britain's largest Mammal. At this time of year they are pumped full of testosterone and take no prisoners!

Young stag - Richmond Park

Young Stag - Richmond Park

Whilst you are all adults and I'm not a public information service (although, some of you who know me may well beg to differ : ) I thought I'd share this safety advice issued by the Royal Parks.

The title is "Wild Deer are not Disney Creatures":,-the-royal-parks-warns-parents

Pixel Peepers' Notes & Newbie Hints & Tips:

Jo was using a Sony A6000 with a telephoto lens. This is only a third of the frame. It's an amazing bit of kit. No retouching, only grading when processing the Camera RAW file.

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