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New for Twenty Two, Toucan Hill

James & Catherine on the mirador at Toucan Hill

Some shots are simply lovely. This romantic shot of James & Catherine is one of them.
I shot this during a nine day shoot for Toucan Hill, a house on Mustique that is available to rent. It was shot for their website but never used.

I happened upon it the other day when archiving some of my work, and I thought I'd give it a 2022 look and feel to the processing.

I hope you enjoy viewing the image - Colin

James & Catherine - Toucan Hill - Mustique

James & Catherine - Toucan Hill - Mustique

Toucan Hill - Mustique - Terrace - Pool - Mirador

Toucan Hill - Mustique

I thought I'd add an image of the terrace at Toucan Hill as you can see the mirador in the background and the pool in the foreground. Some of you will recognise James and Catherine in the mirador and Cody in the pool. The couple on the loungers are Richard and Jane. They are all pro models.


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Pixel Peepers' Notes & Newbie Hints & Tips:
A7rII - FE24-70GM f/2.8 @ f/8 - @70mm - 1/800s - ISO200 - Tripod - Afternoon Sun, 8ft Califormia Sun Bounce Reflector.

This is a previously unused shot, processed this afternoon - 08 June 22
Taken during a nine day shoot at Toucan Hill, on the Island of Mustique. James and Catherine were modelling as honeymooners. In reality they are professional models from Scotland, UK, and have been married for a while, hence their relaxed and intimate deportment. The location for this shot is on the top of the mirador at Toucan Hill, looking down on the Caribbean Sea. It's a wonderfully romatic location and the shot is intended to reflect this.

Models: James & Catherine | Make Up Artist: Katie Annetts | Assistant: Gary Sandy

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