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The products listed above are all part of my kit. The G Master Lenses are items of desire and command a pretty penny.
Are they worth it? Duh? Every last coin!!!

You can see the quality of the lenses in the
beauty gallery


The products listed above are what I want in my kit! You can never have enough lenses.
Why is the A7R MkIII in the list? You should always take a back up camera :)

Welcome to my online kit shop.

I get so many requests to recommend camera kit that I thought I'd set up a page that I could point to that would help people with their kit choices. If you see camera kit on here, you know that I recommend it.
Feel free to click and buy it from the retailer directly from here.
I often get advanced information about special offers and I will post them here as soon as I have them so you can often get a great deal.

Disclaimer: We have affiliations with all of the retailers on this page and
we earn commission from the retailer links.

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I have organised the kit into sections. They include my kit, my wish list and many of my favourite accessories.
I am a Sony shooter, so some sections are slightly biased towards Sony kit, however I'm no fanboy of a single brand. I recommend quality products from may manufacturers.
By clicking on any of the products you will taken to the retailer to buy the kit. It's completely safe. Exactly as if you had gone direct.  As an affiliate we may earn from qualifying products.
I often blog about the kit and the blogs sometime link to this page. If you have any questions about kit you see on the site you can
contact me here


Enjoy... Colin

The products listed above are all top end compact cameras. You can't go wrong with any of them really. Personally, I would go with the Sony :)


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