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The site contains lots of information about our Professional Photography, Retouching, Web Design and Consultancy Services. It also has many professional and personal photography folios, as well as many images highlighting my retouching.

Our online store is now also open where you can purchase prints of my images and other merchandise.

There are also extensive articles, packed with technical and creative ideas. These are updated regularly.

The site is fully responsive, and will function on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, however, there's no doubt that the images look better when displayed larger, and my preference is to always view on a desktop device where possible.

With the rise of social media, and especially photographers' groups on Facebook, many aspiring photographers send me messages and emails asking for advice. I often write articles that try to assist up and coming photographers, in an attempt to pass on some of the knowledge that has been hard fought for, or gifted to me, over the last 40 years.

I will be constantly updating the site with useful information.

If you have any comments or questions you can contact me here. - Colin

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Latest News

The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken

Whilst wandering through Richmond Park I happened upon this view, on the slopes above the polo field, by Ham Gate.

The yellow light was bathing the naked oaks and last year’s ferns. The remnants of the fallen oak in the foreground resembles a magnetic termite mound I had once seen in the red centre of Australia. Its fractured spires reaching the the sky. Jo and I have become adept at finding new places to visit in Richmond Park, as the pandemic recedes, we often find ourselves on the road not taken.

It reminded me of Frost’s words:

Unmasking Harrie…

Unmasking Harrie…

Unmasking Harrie… – Harrie after Pris

Here’s a striking shot of Harrie (previously unseen). Harrie is the quintessential redhead and a fantastic pro model and looks amazing wearing black lingerie and pearls.

A mix of Venetian, Blade Runneresque, Mardi Gras make up. We had lots of fun with this.
Harrie is a machine, when it comes to poses and expressions. I had to wade through over 80 shots to find this one. They are all really different. I’ll post some more as I have time to finish processing them. Glamour is not really my thing, but I have been advised that this is quite racy.

Ant Hill Sunset

Ant Hill Sunset

A billion yellow meadow ants in Richmond Park were witness to a wonderful sunset this evening. The golden hour was very golden indeed! The bare oak branches stretched out to feel the warm rays of the sun, as it set over a pleasant and calm England. It’s late February and Spring races ever closer.