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Professional Photography – Retouching – Web Design – Consultancy

The site contains lots of information about our Professional Photography, Retouching, Web Design and Consultancy services. It also has many professional and personal photography folios, as well as many images highlighting my retouching.

There are also extensive articles, packed with technical and creative ideas. These are updated regularly.

The site is fully responsive, and will function on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, however, there’s no doubt that the images look better when displayed larger, and my preference is to always view on a desktop device where possible.

With the rise of social media, and especially photographers’ groups on Facebook, many aspiring photographers send me messages and emails asking for advice. I often write articles that try to assist up and coming photographers, in an attempt to pass on some of the knowledge that has been hard fought for, or gifted to me, over the last 40 years.

I will be constantly updating the site with useful information.

If you have any comments or questions you can contact me here. – Colin

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Taliesin - Sitting Room

children watching the big screen  – Taliesin – Mustique / Image on screen from Finding Nemo – Walt Disney Pictures Pixar Animation Studios. All copyrights acknowledged.

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Latest News

The Confetti Shot – Toucan Hill – Mustique

The Confetti Shot – Toucan Hill – Mustique

The Confetti Shot – Toucan Hill – Mustique

Recently, I have been archiving some historic files from previous shoots.
When doing this I am often distracted with images and shots that took me a while to work up. This shot is one of them.
It was part of a very large shoot for a Villa on the Island of Mustique. This frame is one of twelve that went on to become a stop motion animation of the confetti throw.

clairey6  – an ascendant and progressive trance

clairey6 – an ascendant and progressive trance

Clairey 6 Advert for – clairey6 AKA
Fantastic to see Cody Cataluffi, a mate of mine, doing really well over on Twitch. She now has over a 1000 followers. Go Claire!
The image below is the latest Advert for her regular slot on Twitch. It uses our image from the Studio Garden Sessions.
If you like Trance go check out her set . I hope you like both the music and the image