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Professional Photography – Retouching – Web Design – Consultancy

The site contains lots of information about our Professional Photography, Retouching, Web Design and Consultancy services. It also has many professional and personal photography folios, as well as many images highlighting my retouching.

There are also extensive articles, packed with technical and creative ideas. These are updated regularly.

The site is fully responsive, and will function on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, however, there’s no doubt that the images look better when displayed larger, and my preference is to always view on a desktop device where possible.

With the rise of social media, and especially photographers’ groups on Facebook, many aspiring photographers send me messages and emails asking for advice. I often write articles that try to assist up and coming photographers, in an attempt to pass on some of the knowledge that has been hard fought for, or gifted to me, over the last 40 years.

I will be constantly updating the site with useful information.

If you have any comments or questions you can contact me here. – Colin

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Sagrada Família Ceiling

Featured Image: La Sagrada Famíliasee more

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Latest News

In the news again… This time it’s Mustique

In the news again… This time it’s Mustique

In the news again… This time it’s Mustique
The Guardian and The Observer are having a Photo Competition

I’m pleased to say that another one of my Caribbean images was used in the press this week.
The Guardian and the Observer newspapers were having a photo competition and used my photo of Lagoon Bay on the island of Mustique to promote the competition. Hurrah!
I screen grabbed the Guardian website version so that I can show it to you all.

An excellent day with Chris Exner

An excellent day with Chris Exner

Last week I had an excellent day with Chris Exner.

He needed various PR and professional shots for his up and coming 2022 projects.

We set about producing some lovely images that he could use across various media. Some business like and others adding a little more drama to the lighting.

The day whizzed by and we produced a variety of wonderful shots that you can see in the Chris’ folio on the website

The pleasure of simple snaps

The pleasure of simple snaps

What with global pandemics, lockdowns and real life, it’s a rare opportunity to just potter and take some simple snaps. That opportunity came my way recently when Jo and I had what has been a rare moment of respite, and like many other we retreated the a bucolic idyll, in our case Devon, specifically Dartmoor. The images below were snapped as we went. You have to remmber that Jo cannot pass a single tree or plant without shooting it so when I say we were walking what I mean is I had so much time to consider and compose that it may have well been a paid shoot.