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After the storm

Updated: 2 days ago

We chose to walk along the Thames path to Teddington Lock to discover that the river was very much in flood after the storm. It was a glorious winter's day, and the image below gives no indication of the flow under the surface.

Teddington Lock

However, we did come across the aftermath of the storm from the night before. It tells the story of how the deluge had ruined the owner of this boat's Sunday. We assume that the water level overwhelmed the riverbank and as it receded it tipped the capsized the vessel... Oops! You can see where the river has breached the bank.

Capsized boat on the River Thames at Turk's Launches

Pixel Peepers' Notes: I was cameraless for yesterday's walk with Jo, so these are from my iPhone. I have started to use a new "Camera App" that allows me to shoot RAW files. The main shot settings were as follows: 4.2mm Lens @ f2.2, 1/2198s ISO 25 -1.3EV AWB. All I had control of was the EV and the AWB. As they say... point and shoot is pretty rubbish... Even with the advanced camera app. I'd like to declare that I absolutely do not recommend that you use your phone camera for shooting even the most casual images unless they are simply throw away snaps for social media. I have now tested images from the iPhone 11 Pro and when analysed with a critical eye they are simply not up to it. They employ some very clever tools to "replicate great images" but try to zoom in and they fall apart at the seams, when compared to a mid range compact camera with an optical zoom, let alone a premium compact camera. It does raise the question as to why camera manufacturer's did not fight back sooner by allowing users to upload to social media directly from their cameras? Anyway, the images look... OK...ish ;) regards



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