"All hail! My Galaxy Trail"

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Today is an emotional day for me . Today, I have retired my trusty Adidas Galaxy Trailies. These are the third pair of Galaxy trailies that I have been running in since I decided to get fit. Known affectionately as my "v3s", this pair have faithfully guided and protected me for 963km across 298 runs, without a single slip, through the ever present hazards of Richmond Park and the Thames Path. These hazards include mud and ice, dog and deer poo, other runners, small children, mothers with buggies, cyclists and naive tourists feeding the deer. The trailies have borne witness to the extremes of the turning seasons and have endured dust and rocks, sunburned grasses that are more like straw, wind and snow, fallen branches, ruts and tree roots, muddy trails and pot holes, thunder and lightning and driven rain, flooded rivers, broken tarmac and dirty puddles (one very deep puddle on a rainy parkrun in January!) They have witnessed deer rutting, woodpeckers pecking, noisy parakeets, busy squirrels, meandering stag beetles, buzzing drones, hordes of Oak Processionary moth caterpillars, duelling Jackdaws, families playing, lovers caressing. fisherman casting, Yachties cruising and ramblers rambling. Only once did they have to turn around and go back the way they came... That Stag in the middle of the path made it abundantly clear that we needed to use the other path! I thought a final portrait, a death mask if you will, would be a fitting memorial from an old snapper like me.

Thank you my old friends...

Adidas Galaxy Trail Shoes - Nov 17 2018 - March 4 2020
Adidas Galaxy Trail Shoes - Nov 17 2018 - March 4 2020 - Copyright: Colin Anthony

I hope you like the image - C


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