Another misty day in London

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

On days like this it's easy to forget that I live in London. A walk or a run in Richmond Park is a privilege that I never take for granted. It has been an Eden for our family since the global pandemic began. It's easy to find peace & solace amongst the ancient oaks, especially in the early mornings. I have noted recently that the less trodden, tighter paths that we were treading in 2019 are beginning to show that they are being used by more and more of us. Upon reflection on this I have concluded that this must surely be a good thing during times like these? But, let's all tread lightly when we use the park. All of us. Use the bins, take home your cans, enjoy the wildlife without disturbing it too much. Let's look after what we have. By looking after it for ourselves it naturally follows that we preserve it for future generations. If you've never been to the park, my advice is to go at this time of year... on any given day it may look like this...

Oak and sweet chestnut at the top of Broomfield Hill - Richmond Park

Did you know that The Royal Parks are a charity? I didn't realise that until recently. If you use the park and you have the means to contribute you may like to donate. You can make a donation to Richmond Park by clicking on this link I hope you enjoy the image - C

Pixel Peepers' Notes This was shot on the Sony Alpha A7R III with the FE 70-200mm G Master Lens @70mm - f4 - 1/160th - ISO400 The mist was heavy. The camera was hunting for focus. In the end, I switched off the auto focus. At my age, with my eyesight, this is not something I usually do! The camera is set to display Peaking Levels when switched to manual focus. Some of you may not know what "Peaking" is, so I've linked to an interesting video that discusses it below

It makes it so easy. Peaking is not exclusive to this camera. You may have it on your camera too. Check your menu!

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declaration: the links below are ads - as a affiliate and as an amazon associate I may earn from qualifying purchases. more info

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