Basking in the winter sun

Richmond Park was flooded with sunshine on Saturday. The azure blue sky was amazing. These ladies (Red Deer) were just hanging around, basking in the midday sun. We approached from the other side of a brook, The bracken is dying back around them and they didn't seem too bothered that we were there. Maybe they felt protected by the water. Anyway, as usual, we always give them plenty of room and respect. What a privilege it is to share the park and the sunshine with these creatures.

Red Deer in Richmond Park

I took the Lumix DMC-LX15 compact camera with me to test the quality. Jo and I have been using it as our running and gunning, go to, snappy for a while now. It's easy to carry on walks, shoots RAW files (if you want them!) and has so many features it's impossible to list them all here. Needless to say it's a versatile little camera with a pin sharp Leica lens It's also a great little video camera too. You can also set to to silent mode. Great if you don't want to disturb the ladies in the park. I also shot this image of Coronation Plantation as a reference shot. It has lots of fine detail in the shot and can be used to assess the quality of the images the little camera renders. Below the image there is a link to the "in camera JPG" and the "RAW file (RW2)" as well as the XMP sidecar file from Adobe Camera Raw that shows you the grading I used (far too much!) and the graded file from Photoshop CC2021. They are all in the zip file. Please feel free to download the images so that you can assess the files for yourselves within your own workflow. (Obviously, you should not use them for professional purposes without permission)

Coronation Plantation - Richmond Park
Download ZIP • 51.74MB

If you need WINZIP to decompress the files you can get it here

I hope you find this post useful Looking forward the getting some misty winter shots in the park soon...


Further information regarding the Kit

Watch a video with more info about the camera I used...

As promised, I've checked out the best deals in the UK (USA coming soon) for the kit I use. If you have an interest, you can check out the deals using the links below... It's just under £400.00

Check it out at: Check it out at: Park Cameras - + Special Offer on Capture One Software

Pixel Peepers' Notes: - Camera Specifications

An advanced compact camera from Panasonic for shooting premium picture quality with beautiful bokeh and excellent low light performance, all squeezed into a pocket sized body that's capable of shooting 4K video

  • f/1.4-2.8 24-72mm Leica Lens

  • 20MP 1inch sensor

  • Focus stacking

  • Post Focus

  • 3cm Macro

  • 4K Photo

  • 4K Video

  • LightSpeed autofocus with DFD technology

  • FHD High-speed video

  • Premium design

  • Intuitive operation

  • 3.0" 1,040k-dot tiltable touch screen

  • Built-in Flash

  • AFS 10fps / AFC 7fps burst shooting

  • USB Battery charging

  • Max ISO 12,800 extended to ISO 80-25,600

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