Cody - A Trance Like Summer's Day

Updated: Feb 16

I really should know better... The end of this week, and weekend, has been very interesting. After being in effective lockdown since Feb 23rd 2020 I have just spent almost 3 days listening to "A State of Trance 1000" with a friend of mine called Claire, who is just a little bit of a Trance music fan! It's the closest I have come to going to an event for over a year! Claire called me on the phone, I think? I can't remember, it seems so long ago. "Get online now! ASOT1000! it's epic!!!" I had no choice. Claire was already two days ahead of me, and she wasn't taking no for an answer. I thought I'd tune in for an hour, and then, bail out for a cup cocoa and my slippers. I'd join my wife. Jo in the living room for a few episodes of Midsomer Murders on the TV. It didn't quite go that way... We have been remotely dancing and jumping up and down for days, with very little sleep. There were literally 100,000s of Trance fans worldwide listening in, shouting and screaming "c'mon!" about 5000 times an hour. And all this realised over WhatsApp whilst watching and listening in on Claire was right. "It was EPIC!" Yes, as I said, I really should know better. - I can't move my neck tonight! When I didn't have my hands in the air, with my head bobbing to Armin Van Burren's mixes I was tapping my foot and retouching images at my workstation, in the studio...

I was working on an alluring image of Cody, a model I have often worked with. She has a natural grace and easy manner. We have shot a few major campaigns together. She is the consummate professional, on time, fresh faced and ready to go, every time. This image is one we shot during the summer of 2019. It has been reimagined during the lockdown here in the UK. In this shot Cody shows how a professional model can "switch it on". She looks beautiful, calm and demure... The irony is that Cody is Claire, my crazy dancing Trance fan friend. Cody is her modelling name! - Model by day, Trance fan by night. Beautiful, Yes. Calm and Demure? Hmmm? - Carpe Noctem Claire.

Cody - shot on a long summer's afternoon, just outside Richmond Park, London UK.
Cody - shot on a long summer's afternoon, just outside Richmond Park, London UK.

I hope you enjoy the image - C

Pixel Peepers' Notes and Newbie Hints and Tips:

A7RIII/FE70-200 f2.8GM @f2.8 1/320s ISO 125 on a monopod.

There is a diffused light to produce the key lights in the eyes. it's on a stand, way back over my shoulder. It has no influence on the exposure as the sun is too strong. The only additional light is provided by a half gold reflector filling the shadows from the left. It's doing all the heavy lifting in this set up. The ambient daylight is diffused by the Oak tree under which we are standing." Those of you looking for quality bokeh will see how the lens renders the fern leaves in the background

If you would like to see more images of Cody you can find her folio by clicking this link

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