• Colin Anthony

"fools rush in where angels fear to tread"

Recently, I upgraded to the Adobe Creative Suite 2020 during the installation process I was asked if I wanted to keep the existing version as well as installing the 2020 version. "No why bother?" was my trusting comment. "I'll save space, and avoid bloatware." So I duly uninstall CC 2019. Don't do that...

Let Adobe get the first few versions out first. Granted, they did me the opportunity to have both version concurrently installed. I have come across a few bugs one that is particularly irritating. The Golden Spiral Overlay will not rotate. SHift+O has simply stopped working. I now realise I am totally reliant upon this tool. It is the same for both PC and OSX users There are others, some that may affect you too. Adobe are on it... apparently. I'm currently on Adobe Photoshop Version: 21.0.1 20191106.r.47 2019/11/06: 3152b481f18 x64 and I am still waiting for a fix. I now have to fire up my old machine and transfer the license, or reinstall 2019... This public info blog was brought to you by Colin Anthony Photography :)

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