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It's a RAW deal.

Updated: Nov 9

I know we've been here a few times before... I am recovering from an Achilles tendon injury at the moment, and I haven't been able to run, or indeed walk, without a limp, for nearly 3 weeks. I always stretch before and after a run and I feel like I have had a RAW deal. Today, I went for my first walk that was over 1km and the signs are good that I'm on the mend, but I mustn't rush things, much like my shots... Here's another RAW deal... The walk was in the Isabella. I went to see how the Azalias are coming along, but I was much too early in the season. Unfortunately, the sun went behind the clouds as I entered the plantation, and it began to rain. I persevered and took a few shots of the babbling brook, as it meandered it's way through the valley, with my mobile phone camera. It's a Huawei NOVA 5T


The shot below is a very good example of what can be achieved with an image, from a file that has been shot RAW. For reference, I have also added the ungraded, uncropped file from which the image is made.

Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

There is around 3 or 4 minutes grading for the image above, including adding some unsharp masking. Nothing more than adjusting sliders. There is zero creative retouching. You can see some luminance noise in the foreground where I have opened up the shadows by several stops, but considering that his is taken on a peanut of a lens, the recovery is remarkable. It goes to show that not all RAW deals are bad.

I hope you like the image - C

Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

The image above is "as shot". It is the same RAW file, without grading. Well done Huawei for producing a phone camera that actually captures a very usable RAW image file.


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