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Spring "peaks" through in the park

This cyclist has just arrived at the summit of Broomfield Hill. Not a tall hill, but very steep indeed. Only those who are fit undertake "clockwise" circuits of the park, as this formidable challenge can be avoided, by gentler inclines, if you travel anti clockwise.

Cyclist summits Broomfield Hill, Richmond Park

There are quite a few new images of the park in the folio on the site.

I hope you like this image - C

Pixel Peepers' Notes I shot this RAW on my Hasselblad 503cw on a CFV 39 Digital Back, with a Carl Zeiss Sonnar CF250 @ f5.6 - 125th Sec - ISO 100 As you can see it was taken during the golden hour. The poor cyclist was almost stationary after his heroic efforts to get to the top. I was taking shots of the oaks when he appeared amidst them and I grabbed the shot. It's uncropped and there is a little creative retouching to remove a couple of small items that distracted from the focus of the cyclist.


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