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Lockdown Portrait of Buddha

Hi, I thought I'd post a blog having stirred myself to actually take some shots today. The weather is so beautiful here in the UK, and our garden is both verdant and vibrant with colour. Some time ago we went on a trip to Bali and I acquired a carved figure of Buddha to remind me of the time spent visiting the temples and other sacred sites whilst we were there. It was carved from a river pebble, by an Indonesian craftsman, and took around eleven months to complete. We were there with our good friends Stan & Liz Clayton and we had an amazing, relaxed time, that we will always cherish. The Buddha statue has sat in the garden since January 2006 through all the weather that the UK has thrown at it... So, thanks to Stan & Liz, and thanks to the people of Bali for a wonderful memory I hope you like the new image


Buddha in the garden - Copyright Colin Anthony
Buddha in Winter

Bali 2005 pondering my relationship with Buddha... At the Buddha showroom ;)

Here are some portraits I took during the trip to Bali

Joanna -Bali 2005
Stan & Liz -Bali 2005

Pixel Peepers' Notes for the New Buddha shot Sony A7R III Sony 85mm GM Portrait Lens f5.6 (I did start at 1.4 then 2.8 but I wanted the face sharp from the eyes to the tip of the nose so 5.6 it was.) 1/60 sec

ISO 100 Jo assisted me by holding a gold reflector to the left. (This lifts it) No flash Slightly cropped (10%ish) Both trees are Acer Palmatums


All images © 2020 Colin Anthony - do not copy or use any image for commercial purposes, without permission.

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