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Mustique Afternoon

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

As the weather take a turn towards autumn here in the UK I thought i'd post this lovely warm image for y'all.

The golden afternoon light was bathing the swimming pool at Firefly Mustique and this was a simple snap. You can see a full size version at:

If you want to have a swim in the pool you can go to: to find out more.

I hope you like it. Colin

For Pixel Peepers: I have graded the sky and increased the saturation in post production to enhance the golden effect. It was shot on a Canon G9 snappy camera! It's a super-wide angle shot at 7.4mm. The aberrations in the foreground do not detract from the subject, or composition, and only enhance the image, helping to sell the ambiance You can see a full size version at:


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