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Updated: Feb 15

Below is the beautiful view from Richmond Hill that JMW Turner painted in 1809. He was inspired by the words of James Thomson. The extract below is taken from Castle of Indolence 1748 The image below the extract is a shot I captured on a recent visit, and is after Turner. I hope you like it - Happy Valentine's Day

Thomson's Aeolian Harp JMW Turner -1809

A certain Music, never known before, Here lull'd the pensive melancholy Mind; Full easily obtain'd. Behoves no more, But sidelong, to the gently-waving Wind, To lay the well-tun'd Instrument reclin'd; From which, with airy flying Fingers light, Beyond each mortal Touch the most refin'd, The God of Winds drew Sounds of deep Delight: Whence, with just Cause, The Harp of Aeolus it hight. Ah me! what Hand can touch the Strings so fine? Who up the lofty Diapasan roll Such sweet, such sad, such solemn Airs divine, Then let them down again into the Soul? Now rising Love they fan'd; now pleasing Dole They breath'd, in tender Musings, through the Heart; And now a graver sacred Strain they stole, As when Seraphic Hands an Hymn impart: Wild warbling Nature all, above the Reach of Art!

James Thomson - 1748


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