• Colin Anthony

Stormy Mushroom

All of a sudden there are massive mushrooms everywhere. This bad boy could be seen from the road. it's got a 25cm diameter and would make a big bowl of mushroom soup assuming it doesn't kill you. I have no idea. Does anyone know what type it is?

You can see a full size image at: https://www. https://www.colinanthony.com/richmond-park Pixel Peepers Notes: This was shot on a little Lumix LX15 compact. It shoots amazing RAW files and has tons of latitude for grading and manipulation. In this case I brought back the details in the clouds and some shadow details out of the trees in the background. There's no retouching, it's only graded. The dew on the mushroom has been caught by the fill in flash, that is the pop up flash on top of the camera. It can be seen if you look at the full screen version. Set to Aperture Priority I let the camera do the rest. I hope you like it Colin


All images © 2020 Colin Anthony - do not copy or use any image for commercial purposes, without permission.

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