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Subtle colours of an English sky

Updated: a day ago

I've always though that, as a nation, we miss the essential beauty that is rendered by our overcast skies. Jo and I were walking and shooting in Richmond Park this evening and, as is not unusual, the sky was overcast. The sun was setting, giving a muted colour palette as it stretched across the sky. The light through the trees was full of subtle colours, so I shot up, through the bare trees, using my mental mobile phone with its unbridled passion for colours. It picks up the slightest colours a accentuates them. So, a silvered and golden sky, as opposed to a slate grey sky... I think?

UK Sky through Trees

Pixel Peepers' notes: I have rotated the image to be portrait. Not for reasons of composition, as such. It's just that when the warm tones of the sunset were at the top it didn't look believable. It makes more sense if the warm light is at the bottom.

Camera (Phone) - Huawei, NOVA 5T Lens: 4.75mm Shutter: 1/540th ISO: 200 Pixels (original) 7984x5984

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