Testing the x2 Teleconverter with Jo - Part I

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I carry a x2 teleconverter (SEL20TC) in the bag to give the extra reach should I need it. It rarely gets used as, long ago, I learned that I always have the ultimate tools to allow me to get closer to the subject (my legs). However, these days, the kit needs to be useful, at least sometimes, to stake its place in the bag, and today was a day of reckoning for the x2 converter... Here's a nice Image of Jo rendered through the converter. What do you think? Read the pixel peepers' notes below to see what I think... I hope you enjoy the image - C

Joanna - Richmond Park
camera info

Pixel Peepers' Notes: This was shot to test the Sony 70-200 G Master Lens with the x2 teleconverter fitted. This takes the focal length up to 400mm. I decided that I wanted to see if I could use this set up with a monopod?

The weather was good. It was dry with clear blue skies. No excuses then...

The shot of Jo above is the one and only image that passes muster... Just. There are around a 150 frames of unsharp and blurred images. That was not what I was looking for. The x2 converter reduces the aperture by 2 stops, making the widest

aperture f5.6. I was aware of this and I set the ISO from 100 to 400 to compensate accordingly. I can tell you now, that's not enough when using a monopod.

"I think that I may need to reconsider my old skool thinking on ISO?"

ISO400 is simply not enough. Modern shooters all say that I should set the ISO to 1600 to give myself faster shutter speeds, or lower apertures but I am really shy about the noise. One thing's for sure... The teleconverter requires a tripod.

"Always, Always, Always use a tripod Colin!"

Yet another test that keeps the monopod in the bag! I will come back to y'all when I test it with my travel tripod. If it does not pass muster on the next test... It's day of reckoning will come. It will find a new life in someone else's bag via ebay.


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