the light fantastic

"It's amazing what you can do with a half gold reflector in the shade."

Cody Cataluffi - Richmond Park - London

Pixel Peepers' Notes: Digital allows us to keep the lighting simple... That's true however...

  • In addition to the half gold reflector, this shot required a Sony A7R Mk III digital camera that does not have an alias filter.

  • A Sony FE 85mm f1.4 G master lens that is specifically designed for portraits.

  • It was processed through Adobe Camera Raw using unsharp masking techniques to reveal the detail.

  • It was balanced on an Eizo IPS monitor that has to be calibrated about once a month.

  • It was then output by Adobe Photoshop 2021, using an output profile for online display.

  • It's one of sixty seven frames.

  • The styling required choosing running gear from 3 outlets, a lifestyle watch from Garmin.

  • A make up artist and a hair stylist... and I've forgotten something?

  • Oh yeah... The model and the photographer.

Camera Data

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