UK Lockdown v2.0 - The Final Walk 2.12.20

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Richmond Park - Looking up the hill on the descent

Richmond Park - on the descent

heading for Kingston Gate

heading for Kingston Gate

Losing the light

Pausing for a final chat

off home

A final glimpse back at Kingston Hill

Sunset over Kingston upon Thames

Hi Everyone,

This is the last daily post of the UK Lockdown v2.0 series of blog posts... I hope you have enjoyed the images.

I hope you are staying safe at this difficult time for us all.

In an effort to cheer y'all up, I thought I'd post images of the final walk that Jo and I took before lockdown. Richmond Park was looking particularly lovely. Some of you may be stuck at home for a while, so I've scheduled a bucolic post every day until 2nd December, when the Lockdown ends here in the UK, to remind us of the great outdoors, and the beauty that is England in the autumn.

All of images are taken on my mobile phone during "the golden hour".

The phone's camera, as it turns out, isn't embarrassed to over-saturate the images!

All taken on a mental mobile phone that loves colour :) that you can buy by clicking this link or the mobile image below:

I hope you enjoy the images. See y'all sometime after the 2nd December. Colin


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declaration: the links below are ads - as a affiliate and as an amazon associate I may earn from qualifying purchases. more info


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