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What a difference a week makes

Updated: Feb 15

Winter has arrived. The Oaks have shed their leaves. Last week's autumn posts seem like a distant memory. This shot gives an indication of the cold and stormy day on sunday. In fact the heavens did not open up. It managed to maintain a threatening look, accompanied by an intermittent drizzle, but no downpour.

White Lodge - The Royal Ballet School - Richmond Park

Recently, I've been pushing myself to use my little Lumix compact in these situations. When I bought it I knew it didn't have a very long reach. I sold it to myself by thinking I'd use it for reportage. Wide angle Magnum type stuff... but to be honest, it's not really for me. I find myself constantly at the long end of the zoom, jonesing for more. In spite of this and knowing the limitations I pocket it anyway. With this in mind, I am trying to explore the other end of the lens. Here's quite a nice extreme shot of White Lodge, the Royal Ballet School in the park (uncropped). You could visit the park a thousand times and not come across it. One of the best views of it is from the top of the Sawyer's Hill near Richmond Gate. You can experience the lodge and the full arcadian landscape from there. If you are up for a walk you can walk from there all the way down the hill towards the lodge. I posted this image as the darkened sky dominated the day so I thought I'd try and use the natural polarization effect that wide angles afford, to emphasise and add to it's impact on the day. I hope you like the image C


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