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What have the Romans ever done for us?

Updated: Feb 15

So winter is most definitely here. All of the leaves are now on the ground and most of the Oak trees in the park are now bare. So nothing to see then? This sunday, Jo and I happened upon this beautiful bare tree. It's reddy bark was glowing in the midday sun. It stands alone amid a copse of Oak. It's an indication of the rarity of the sweet chestnut tree in the UK that neither of us have ever seen such an ordered structure of twisted bark? It spirals up the trunk like a Narwal tusk, or an aniseed twist sweet, perfectly twisted.

It's very tall and very straight, and very beautiful indeed. Why the Romans? Well they imported it in to the UK to use the flour that they made from the chestnuts.

It's something that the Python team forgot to mention :)

I hope you like the images... and the video ;) Colin


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