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Making it look easy.

I thought I'd post some lifestyle shots I did for a long standing client of mine.

They are a leading biotech company in Manchester. Shot on location in North London, it seems like an age ago when we could all gather at a location like this to create lovely images. There were two photographers, an assistant, a make up artist/hairstylist and two stylists, as well as the two clients. Lots of planning, lots of work for everyone and lots of fun too.

I hope you enjoying viewing the images - Colin


Cody & Luca discuss the good news

The shoot was split with me inside and another photographer shooting outside, in the garden. Lights for me and reflectors and "fill in" for him.


Jacalyn on the mobile

All of these were shot on my Hasselblad 503cw with the 180mm CFi Zeiss Lens and CFV Digital Back


Cody contemplating the new arrival

The models make it look easy, but the location was challenging, and the lighting is extensive. They are all balanced inside flash to the daylight that was streaming through the glazing


Jacalyn sharing the happy news

This where the assistant really earns their fee. The weather was changeable, with the sun in and out all day. The assistant was having to call the EV all day as the exposure was changing up to 1.5 stops between actuations.

Photographer: Colin Anthony

Assistant: Alasdair Sandy

Make Up Artist: Katie Annetts

Model: Cody Cataluffi

Model: Jacalyn Forbes

Male Model: Luca Cataluffi

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