Rendezvous – A blast from the past!


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A blast from the past - Rendezvous - An advertising  project for Theo Fennell

Below is a short film that I directed, and my web company produced for Theo Fennell, back in the day. I have written some history and detail regarding the shoot below for those of you that may be interested.

I hope you enjoy the video - Colin

Theo Fennell - Rendezvous Ad

A little background

The video project happened over  two days. Clearly, there were many weeks of post production after this. The first day was shot on location in Pelham Place, Chelsea, just outside the Theo Fennell flagship store.

The second day was at Holborn studios in London, where we shots the interiors and the optical components of the special effects shots.

The cameraman was Simon Clapham. A superb technician.
It was decided not to shoot digital at the time, as the digital tools were not really in place. That seems incredible now. We shot it on analogue tape video cameras and converted it to the highest quality digital files possible to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The editing was undertaken by Mat Newcomb who was freelancing for Cooltide Interactive (my Web Company). Mat is also responsible for the the special effects in the video, including the magenta spritz from the fragrance and the effervescence in the poison. I asked Mat to collaborate with Theo Fennell and I as his contribution was going to be essential if we were to pull off the project.

The female model in the video is in fact two girls. A body model and a face model. Be honest, you would never have spotted that. The male model is James Devline from MOT. James and I have worked on a couple of projects over the years. If you've browsed through the folios you will have seem some images of him in the Caribbean.

So many people worked on the shoot including my builder, David Bonniface who designed and created a turntable, made of skateboard wheels for the opening sequence where the man spins into shot. That's a "for real" spin in the studio laughing with an added background image. He also worked as chief punkhawallah to make the curtains blow in the wind on the interiors shots.
The wardrobe was styled by the lovely Sharron Daly, always great to work with, and the make up and hair styling team was lead by Katie Annetts.

The guys back at the studio all contributed so much to the props and background graphics. I was assisted by Gary Sandy, and a team of specialist assistants, and of course, the team at Theo Fennell, who curated and supplied the jewellery and fragrance, as well as the security, as there was £2.5 million of jewellery in the safe at the studio!

I hope you enjoy the video - Colin


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