Searching for Starfish at Sunset


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Kaibo, Grand Cayman - a cul de sac paradise

Two girls search for Starfish at Kaibo, Grand Cayman, as an orange sun sets behind the palms along the headland.

Searching for Starfish Kaibo Grand-Cayman

searching for starfish - Kaibo - Grand Cayman

Pixel Peepers' Notes & Newbie Hints & Tips:

Taken just as the sun set below the trees. the fiery sky simply lit up before me. The interesting thing here is that the sky was so bright that this is shot at f2.8 - 1/1000th ISO125 on my little LUMIX LX15.

You'd think that I would be struggling for light but the EXIF data don't lie!

No retouching, just grading, and a slight adjustment to straighten the horizon... Well,I was on my second Aperol Spritz!

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