The Beautiful Secret Places within Richmond Park

Finding the secret places to walk in Richmond Park is a rare pleasure...


Richmond Park is vast.

Given that it is located in south west London, Richmond Park is constantly amazing to me.

I can walk across vast swathes of grasslands all the way to Putney, enjoying the seasonal chirping of Skylarks nesting amongst the tall dry grasslands, or through natural Oak and chestnut woods, through lush valleys and densely wooded hills.

As a photographer I can find images of serenity and calm within walking distance of my house and London, one of the largest cities in the world. And, as a walker I can experience that calm, with or without my camera.

All of locations in these images are easily accessible havens of peace and tranquillity that you can share too. Yes, you may be lucky to see a green woodpecker, or a skylark if you are really quiet.

This year has been a particularly challenging with the global pandemic, and Richmond Park has stepped up to the challenge.

Jo and I sometimes feel that we have been greedy with our daily walks during this period.

In reality we are just lucky to live so close to the park.

Remember, let’s all tread lightly when we are out on our walks, so that future generations can enjoy a similar experience of the natural world, and maybe capture a few images like these…

I hope you enjoy viewing the images – Colin

Prince Charles' Coppice - One of the secret places in Richmond Park

Prince Charles’ Coppice

Tercentenary Plantation, Richmond Park

Tercentenery Plantation

Hidden Isabella, Richmond Park

Hidden Isabella

Pen Ponds, Richmond Park

Pen Ponds

Looking towards London - View near King Henry's Mound

Looking towards London – View near King Henry’s Mound

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