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We offer a variety of creative services to individual, small to medium sized enterprises and large companies alike.

You can use this page to find out more about any one of our services.

Of course, buying a bespoke service online isn't very practical, and we understand that you will need to contact us directly to discuss your specific needs...

If you would like a return call, or a meeting regarding a service, select one of the services below for more information, or contact us by using the form on the contact us page.

I look forward to speaking with you - Colin

Jacalyn Forbes - Lifestyle
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Jacalyn Forbes - Lifestyle

Photographic & Retouching Services

photography service


I have specialised in People and Travel photography in recent years.
If you have a photographic project you would like to discuss I can contact you, or call you, as you prefer.

You can see an extensive collection of my work on this website

Please note: I am a professional photographer and therefore my rates reflect this.

It is good to have a budget in mind when you call.

Retouching Service | Colin Anthony Photography


Do you need your images retouched?

Eyes, skin, blemishes, hair, teeth etc... or maybe you have architectural images that need improving?

If you would like to send over a brief of your rerquirements I can send you a quotation for the work that you require.

If you want to learn the techniques I use, you can learn "one to one" how to use Adobe Photoshop to enhance and improve your People Photography and general corrective and creative retouching.

Retouching is all about nuance and understanding that less is often found to be more.

Retouching Service | Colin Anthony Photography

Portfolio Photography

Models, actors and individuals, you can contact me if you need your images refreshed, or if you are just starting out.

Need some headshots, beauty portraits or Actor "go see" shots?

I can usually turn them around in just a few days.

Whether it's lifestyle, fashion or simply studio headshots I'm sure I can meet our requirements

You can see lots of People Portraits here

If you want a Make Up Artist* I can arrange this for you at reasonable rates
*Make Up Artist cost is additional £75


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Web Development & Consultancy Services

Consultancy | Colin Anthony Photography


I consult on many aspects of photography, and latterly creative IT services; in respect of application and implementation, as well as allied marketing.

I also advise customers regarding their online presence, including websites and social media technical implementation of your IT projects.
I can even help with getting started on the murky journey that is SEO marketing.
By it's nature this work is bespoke and tailored to individual need.
Past consultancy projects have been in diverse sectors including biotech, jewellery design, hotel booking systems, ticketing systems, online security and many others.

Bespoke Web Design | Colin Anthony Photography

Bespoke Web Design

When it comes to web development, I offer two levels of service.

Simple websites for individuals can be undertaken, by me, and completed with a very fast turnaround. I will use popular platforms to create websites for professionals. These can include e-commerce, tailored to your products and services.

See portfolio websites

If you have a large commercial project I own a full web agency that can deal with your requirement. We build teams to suit customer requirements. Our team has worked on major projects over the last 25 years

Further details on demand.


Portfolio Websites

There are lots of companies offering portfolio web development for creatives and models alike, and if you have WYSIWYG skills you should use them.

If you do not have the skill, or simply don't have the time, I can set up your portfolio website for you. The site will be responsive and suitable for both mobile and desktop.

Once set up, I will connect it to your domain, and transfer it to you, so that you have complete control. The site will come with a complete content management system so that you can update it 24/7.

I can develop the site using a publically available content management system, so you can have complete confidence when the site is published that you will be able to receive technical support as your site grows and your business develops.