Shooting silhouettes in the pool – Toucan Hill – Mustique


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Shooting silhouettes in the pool - Serendipity?

So here's a funny story... It took 1.5 hours to tie off the studio flash unit with cords to the building, to make sure that it didn't fall in to the pool.

The lighting technician is holding the stand, and the first assistant is holding me, and I am keeping the camera out of the pool.

We had meticulously planned this whole shot...

Perfect sunset? check - Make Up? check - Hair? check - Models? check - Flash powered up? check - Camera? check - Card in camera? check.

The only problem was that we had assumed that the batteries in the flash sender unit were holding a charge, or, that the spare batteries were not 100 metres away in the camera bag...

Nope! Hadn't thought of that!

When the flash didn't fire I looked at everyone else, and they stared blankly back at me. There was a moment of silence and I looked at the shot on the camera's rear screen and carried on shooting without the flash... Sometimes things happen for the best ...Serendipity.

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Shooting Silhouettes - James & Catherine-Toucan Hill - Swimming Pool - Mustique

Silhouettes in the pool - Toucan Hill - Mustique

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Pixel Peepers' Notes & Newbie Hints & Tips:
Sony ILCE-7RM2 - 70-200GM f2.8 @ f16 - 1/160th - ISO200

"Never run with scissors. Don't play leapfrog with a unicorn..."

"...and always check the flash sender batteries before you get in to the pool!"

Colin Anthony

Photographer, Colin Anthony Photography

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