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Hang on in there! Spring is just around the corner…

Hang on in there! Spring is just around the corner... - Maybe time to read a book and have a coffee?

To all my friends and family, both here in the UK and around the world, Spring is nearly here. If you are still in lockdown, like we all are here in the UK, hang on in there! The nice lady from the NHS said that I'll have to wait until the second injection before I can leap between tall buildings in a single bound! So, I guess I'll have to be satisfied with the consolation that we will soon be able to have friends around to sit in the garden. I have cleaned the BBQ until it glows, and there are cold drinks in the fridge.

Meanwhile, here's a new image of Cody from the garden sessions, taken in a time before the zombie apocalypse.
I can report that we are all well here, and so is Cody. Although we are not able to shoot together, we have been behaving very badly during lockdown, by listening to Trance sessions on Twitch...
I should know better, but I don't care, so big up Ben Gold, XiJaro And Pitch, Armin Van Buuren & ASOT and PSYMILL, and big up AstraZeneca and the NHS!

after the shoot is done…

after the shoot is done…

After the shoot is done – When working on pro beauty shoots there is surprisingly little time to shoot images that you actually want to shoot. I often find that there’s a danger that everyone is “on point” at all times. I’m certainly on one, as are my team. The assistant on this shoot is brilliant. He is “Johnny On the Spot” with the reflectors and stands, the SD cards and the shot list. The make up artist is in and out, doing her thing, whilst the client is asking a million questions of the stylist and calling the magazine. I think she has more on her plate than I do!
It’s only at points of transition between shots, or right at the end of the shoot that I can sometimes snatch something that may please me, not the magazine or the client. This frame is such a shot.

Katie Green – A Cameo in Porcelain

Katie Green – A Cameo in Porcelain

A cameo in porcelain – If you for shoot for long enough, you’ll get lucky… sometimes.

Updated: 08 April 2022

This is Katie Green. This was her first pro beauty shoot. At this point all she wanted was to be a model. She turned up at the location as keen as mustard, with a bag of clothes, full of questions about how to be a model.

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Converting Harrie…

Converting Harrie…

Converting Harrie… – Some models are simply a delight.

Here’s a rather lovely image of Harrie doing her ’70s thing.

This was a quick test we did down in the west country, here in the UK, some time ago now.
We were doing a sexy 1970s glam kinda thing. ..

Cody re-imagined

Cody re-imagined

Cody re-imagined – Why complicate a simple shot?

This is the second in a series of re-imagined beauty images of Cody Cataluffi from 2019

This is shot directly in the afternoon sun. You can see that the sun is top right, from the side, slightly behind the model. There is a half gold reflector, filling the shadows from the left. It’s set parallel to the model, so that it doesn’t “uplight” her.

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