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Cody Cataluffi

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Looks like Spring

Spring is now here, and with lockdown, here in the UK, finally coming to an end I can get back to shooting some beautiful images.

Me & Cody are making the news again!!

Last time it was the Daily Mail. This time it’s the Sunday Times, here in the UK. Cody looking ripped, as she monsters her way up Broomfield Hill in Richmond Park…

Hang on in there! Spring is just around the corner…

To all my friends and family, both here in the UK and around the world, Spring is nearly here.
If you are still in lockdown, like we all are here in the UK, hang on in there!

after the shoot is done…

A guest brought them to the house when she came over at Easter. This was the first time we had received guests since lockdown has been eased, here in the UK.

Earlier Articles are listed below…

How slow dare you go?

How slow dare you go?

Shooting at slow shutter speeds is a risky business. After all, who wants blur in a digital image?
Well, back in the day, when I had hair, and I was a fashion assistant, lots of photographers would run a couple of rolls of film at slow speeds. The order of the day was that they would get the shot nailed first, and then, if time allowed, they would take a few risks with a slow shutter speed, or a shallow depth of field.

Finding new beauty in a post lockdown world

Finding new beauty in a post lockdown world

Like everyone else during the lockdown, I’ve found myself with a little more time on my hands. Despite the easing of the restrictions here in the UK, we are still not allowed to shoot inside. Starved of any creative collaboration, I’ve been looking through last summer’s beauty shoots to find some new beauty in the shots that have never been used. I’ve forced myself to review what has previously been passed over for another shot.

Cropping Cody

Cropping Cody

I’ve lost the plot. It’s been a while since they’ve let me me out. And, even longer since I have shot a single image worth a mention. So I thought I’d go back and look at a shoot with Cody.

a stolen moment

a stolen moment

Back in the summer Cody and I set about creating some portraits and head shots for her modelling agency. She is pushing on with more commercial work and needed some new images for their look books.
You may have seen some of them in the beauty section of the website.

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