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Looks like Spring

Last winter was the, longest I’ve ever experienced… and you may be feeling this too.

Spring is now here, and with lockdown, here in the UK, finally coming to an end I can get back to shooting some beautiful images. Meanwhile, here’s a lovely, previously unused image of Cody, taken in Richmond Park, London, UK. As usual, her easy way and relaxed pose looks effortless as always. We shot this on a warm summer day back in 2019. Whilst processing this image it dawned on me that it is a good example of why using a higher megapixel camera is preferable, if you are shooting portraits

The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken

Whilst wandering through Richmond Park I happened upon this view, on the slopes above the polo field, by Ham Gate.

The yellow light was bathing the naked oaks and last year’s ferns. The remnants of the fallen oak in the foreground resembles a magnetic termite mound I had once seen in the red centre of Australia. Its fractured spires reaching the the sky. Jo and I have become adept at finding new places to visit in Richmond Park, as the pandemic recedes, we often find ourselves on the road not taken.

It reminded me of Frost’s words:

Harrie laying down on the job…

Harrie laying down on the job…

The Ever so lovely Harriett Langley

Updated 08.04.2022: This is a new take on a shot of Harrie, a quintessential redhead, in black lingerie, with pearl necklace and bangles. I took this a while back now. We are nearly out of lockdown here in the UK, but we still have a few of weeks to go, so the review of my images goes on, with new takes on grading.

Earlier Articles are listed below…

Unmasking Harrie…

Unmasking Harrie…

Unmasking Harrie… – Harriett Langley after Pris

Here’s a striking shot of Harriett Langley (previously unseen). Harrie is the quintessential redhead and a fantastic pro model and looks amazing wearing black lingerie and pearls.

A mix of Venetian, Blade Runneresque, Mardi Gras make up. We had lots of fun with this.
Harrie is a machine, when it comes to poses and expressions. I had to wade through over 80 shots to find this one. They are all really different. I’ll post some more as I have time to finish processing them. Glamour is not really my thing, but I have been advised that this is quite racy.

Katie Green – getting started

Katie Green – getting started

Always a pleasure to work with new people…

This is a cute shot of Katie Green, a pretty blonde girl, kneeling in a field. It was taken during a her first session modelling. She has a natural feminine grace, and a porcelain complexion. This shot was taken towards the end of the afternoon, and has a warmth and a glow to it.

Hang on in there! Spring is just around the corner…

Hang on in there! Spring is just around the corner…

Hang on in there! Spring is just around the corner… – Maybe time to read a book and have a coffee?

To all my friends and family, both here in the UK and around the world, Spring is nearly here. If you are still in lockdown, like we all are here in the UK, hang on in there! The nice lady from the NHS said that I’ll have to wait until the second injection before I can leap between tall buildings in a single bound! So, I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with the consolation that we will soon be able to have friends around to sit in the garden. I have cleaned the BBQ until it glows, and there are cold drinks in the fridge.

Meanwhile, here’s a new image of Cody from the garden sessions, taken in a time before the zombie apocalypse.
I can report that we are all well here, and so is Cody. Although we are not able to shoot together, we have been behaving very badly during lockdown, by listening to Trance sessions on Twitch…
I should know better, but I don’t care, so big up Ben Gold, XiJaro And Pitch, Armin Van Buuren & ASOT and PSYMILL, and big up AstraZeneca and the NHS!

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