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summer girl

clairey6  – an ascendant and progressive trance

clairey6 – an ascendant and progressive trance

Clairey 6 Advert for – clairey6 AKA
Fantastic to see Cody, a mate of mine, doing really well over on Twitch. She now has over a 1000 followers. Go Claire!
The image below is the latest Advert for her regular slot on Twitch. It uses our image from the Studio Garden Sessions.
If you like Trance go check out her set . I hope you like both the music and the image

Cody or Claire? …a stolen moment

Cody or Claire? …a stolen moment

Searching for the natural.

Back in the summer Cody and I set about creating some portraits and head shots for her modelling agency. She is pushing on with more commercial work and needed some new images for their look books.
You may have seen some of them in Cody’s folios.

Whilst those shots have been chosen for their commercial value, my personal favourites are often the frames that I manage to steal when the model isn’t, well, modelling, so to speak.
Sure, the collar on the shirt isn’t the best. She’s been sipping the coffee and the lipstick isn’t the best either. The hair on the left is not laying flat, and the earring is hiding behind the hair, but, she was lost in thought for around one or two seconds.
Having worked with her quite a lot, I have become accustomed to seeing the difference between the professional, commercial “Cody Look” and the personal “Claire, Smiling”