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Winter Scene

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The Road Not Taken

Whilst wandering through Richmond Park I happened upon this view, on the slopes above the polo field, by Ham Gate.

The yellow light was bathing the naked oaks and last year’s ferns. The remnants of the fallen oak in the foreground resembles a magnetic termite mound I had once seen in the red centre of Australia. Its fractured spires reaching the the sky. Jo and I have become adept at finding new places to visit in Richmond Park, as the pandemic recedes, we often find ourselves on the road not taken.

It reminded me of Frost’s words:

Another misty day in Richmond Park – London

Another misty day in Richmond Park – London

Another misty day in Richmond Park – London – This mist should not be missed…

On days like this it’s easy to forget that I live in London. A walk or a run in Richmond Park is a privilege that I never take for granted. It has been an Eden for our family since the global pandemic began. It’s easy to find peace & solace amongst the ancient oaks, especially in the early mornings. I have noted recently that the less trodden, tighter paths that we were treading in 2019 are beginning to show that they are being used by more and more of us. Upon reflection on this I have concluded that this must surely be a good thing during times like these?
But, let’s all tread lightly when we use the park. All of us. Use the bins, take home your cans, enjoy the wildlife without disturbing it too much.
Let’s look after what we have. By looking after it for ourselves it naturally follows that we preserve it for future generations. If you’ve never been to the park, my advice is to go at this time of year… on any given day it may look like this…

Get out there!

Get out there!

A royal celebration…

Even on the bleakest of days there’s something to shoot.

Here’s a black & white of Coronation Plantation in Richmond Park, snapped on the mobile, and graded in Adobe Camera RAW.

It’s amazing what can be achieved with the most basic kit that we all carry.

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A cold mist has descended

A cold mist has descended

Up at the crack of sparrows’ this morning. “The mist has descended over Richmond Park” and according to Joanna. “We must get up there now!”
Well, we were looking for mist, and mist we found…

Subtle colours of an English sky

Subtle colours of an English sky

Tercentenary Plantation – Richmond Park

I’ve always though that, as a nation, we miss the essential beauty that is rendered by our overcast skies.

Jo and I were walking and shooting in Richmond Park this evening and, as is not unusual, the sky was overcast. The sun was setting, giving a muted colour palette as it stretched across the sky.

The light through the trees was full of subtle colours, so I shot up, through the bare trees, using my mental mobile phone with its unbridled passion for colours. It picks up the slightest colours a accentuates them. So, a silvered and golden sky, as opposed to a slate grey sky… I think?

UK Lockdown v2.0 – The Final Walk 8.11.20

UK Lockdown v2.0 – The Final Walk 8.11.20

A summary of our Lockdown v2 Walk

Just before the second Lockdown here in the UK Jo and I went on a walk around Richmond Park. We realised how difficult it had been for some people to take exercise in beautiful places and that we were so lucky to live near the Richmond Park.

So, we set off, snapping as we went, with the intention of posting a lovely image every day so that people could share in our good fortune of living tnear the park.

This Article is the sum total of all of those individual daily articles. I have removed the individual posts to make it easier to see the images as a folio.

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