UK Lockdown v2.0 – The Final Walk 8.11.20


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A summary of our Lockdown v2 Walk

Just before the second Lockdown here in the UK Jo and I went on a walk around Richmond Park. We realised how difficult it had been for some people to take exercise in beautiful places and that we were so lucky to live near the Richmond Park.

So, we set off, snapping as we went, with the intention of posting a lovely image every day so that people could share in our good fortune of living tnear the park.

This Article is the sum total of all of those individual daily articles. I have removed the individual posts to make it easier to see the images as a folio.

You can view the image in the folio  by clicking here

The original articles all had the same daily text, excepting the last article. They read...

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are staying safe at this difficult time for us all.

In an effort to cheer y'all up, I thought I'd post images of the final walk that Jo and I took before lockdown. Richmond Park was looking particularly lovely. Some of you may be stuck at home for a while, so I've scheduled a bucolic post every day until 2nd December, when the Lockdown ends here in the UK, to remind us of the great outdoors, and the beauty that is England in the autumn.

All of images are taken on my mobile phone during "the golden hour".

The phone's camera, as it turns out, isn't embarrassed to over-saturate the images!

All taken on a mental mobile phone that loves colour smile that you can buy by clicking this link or the image below:


I hope you enjoy viewing the images. See y'all sometime after the 2nd December - Colin

The last article told the story behind the walk. It read...

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

The story behind the walk...

I have been posting daily images during the UK Lockdown v2.0. This series of posts has been seen by thousands of people and I have had some wonderful feedback for which I would like to say thank you to you all. They are all taken on my smart phone.
We even got a couple of likes from Richmond Park on Facebook 🙂

Why did I do it?

There are lots of people who have not been able to enjoy the park since Lockdown began. As locals, Jo and I get to enjoy the park most days. This privilege is not lost on us, especially after our experience during Lockdown v1 back in March, where we exercised every day. And so, when they announced Lockdown v2.0 I thought I'd share a walk around the park that we took on the 5th November 2020, just before lockdown began.
This allowed lots of people, who may be shielding, or looking after vulnerable relatives and friends, an opportunity to experience the park whilst the lockdown continued.

Many of you have asked about the route where the walk took place and so I have created this post to give y'all the details... The walk begins and ends at Kingston Gate. It took 1.35 hours, at a snail's pace, as we were taking hundreds of shots. Anyone can do it. You just need some trail shoes/boots and a warm coat. Remember to tread lightly when using the park.

Richmond Park walk route

The map above outlines the south of Richmond Park. The route is 5k (4.5k in the Park)

Richmond Park walk route with terrain

The map above shows the terrain along the walk in Richmond Park

I hope you enjoyed the walk.

I'll be posting further adventures soon - Colin

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